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Which Balearic Island is meant for me?

Sent to your inbox on March 29, 2018

Dear Turtles,

The Balearic Islands are a group of small islands off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. 300 days of sunshine every year, turquoise waters and white-sand beaches is what they have in common, but they also have very different personalities and we simply don't want you to book your tickets to the wrong paradise !
So whether you are a nature lover, a hippie at heart, a bohemian or a fervent culture buff, our incredible users are here to help you find your match !

Formentera the Bohemian
Boho-Chic is your middle-name, you (really) enjoy people watching but don't admit it, and you cycle everywhere... then Fomentera is made for you!
1 - Restaurante Juan y Andrea - Formentera, Spain by @Nadephe

"Go for lunch at Juan y Andrea in Formentera, definitely overpriced but delicious local food in a cool spot. When in Formentera..."

2 - Rent a boat in Fomentera - Balearic Islands, Spain by @annsobib

"Rent a boat and navigate round the island to discover the beauties of the smallest island of the Balearic. The sea is warm and crystal clear."

3 - Beso Beach - Fomentera, Spain by @pilar

"Beso beach in Formentera. Fun. Delicious. Great DJ."

4 - Hostal So i Mar - Fomentera, Spain by @annsobib

"Best value hotel to wake up to walking straight on the sand and with an empty white sand beach. Heaven while giving your pocket money a break..."

Mallorca the elegant
If you believe that less is more, are passionate about golf, and can't imagine a holiday without some culture, then Mallorca is your island. Did you know it's home to some stunning Roman and Moorish remains?
1 - Le Golf Son Gual Mallorca - Mallorca, Spain by @pilar

"A dream of a golf."

2 - Anchorage Club - Mallorca, Spain by @Tina

"If you can get access to the restaurant at the Anchorage Club you get to enjoy a rare private haven in the south west of Mallorca."

3 - Palma - Mallorca, Spain by @Jana

"When you think Mallorca, Art Deco doesn’t immediately spring to mind and yet this is the building I stumbled upon in Palma de Mallorca once when I went on an aimless stroll."

4 - Teatro Principal De Palma - Mallorca, Spain by @fazlandz

"The beautiful theatre in Palma where you can enjoy Mozart, Verdi and even Cheek by Jowl!"

5 - Hotel Sant Francesc - Mallorca, Spain by @minam0r

"Enjoy a drink on this rooftop pool bar with a view of the historic centre of Palma de Mallorca. This boutique hotel with original features of the 19th century married with contemporary design is the perfect setting to enjoy a glass of wine."

Minorca the natural beauty
If you're looking for the perfect destination to come with your family, with lots of adventure and activities, then Minorca is the perfect match!
1 - Rent a boat in Minorca - Balearic Islands, Spain by @margotrad

"Minorca is a beautiful island and the best way to explore it is by boat. Rent a boat and discover secluded beaches and creeks - you will be alone! Note that the island can get quite windy and the sea quite choppy so make sure you know how to properly drive a boat!"

2 - Hotel Torralbenc - Minorca, Spain by @Mayu

"Beautiful setting and great food."

3 - Isabella Beach Club - Minorca, Spain by @margotrad

"Beautiful view with delicious tapas and cocktails - gets quite busy but worth it for a sunset drink!"

4 - Turmadèn d'es Capità Agroturismo - Minorca, Spain by @LauraVidrequin

"Adorable agroturismo, remote from everything and very peaceful!"

Ibiza the hippie-clubber
You think of yourself as a modern hippie and do love some partying to let off steam... then Ibiza is your new home!
1 - Hacienda Na Xamena - Ibiza, Spain @Lea

"Incredible hotel overlooking the Sea in Ibiza. Design yet relaxed. All rooms have a view on the Méditerranée. Simply stunning."

2 - Restaurant Es Torrent - Ibiza, Spain by @annsobib

"One of the best beach restaurants on the island. In the higher price bracket."

3 - Aubergine Ibiza Restaurant - Ibiza, Spain by @JasmineFisher

"Gorgeous farm to table restaurant off the San Miguel road set amongst the vegetable gardens. They do a barbecue in the evenings."

4 - Pacha - Ibiza, Spain by @annsobib

"For a memorable night out, my favourite is the Pacha. For those who are not big fans of electro music, the Flower Power is definitely lots of fun and the decor is simply stunning."

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