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London Cocooning Guide

Sent to your inbox on March 2, 2018

Dear freezing Turtles,

As the "Beast from the East" sweeps across Europe, it has brought with it buckets of fluffy white snow to decorate the streets of London. Beautiful yes, but let's face it, we're freezing!
Fortunately, our community of amazing travellers had our backs once again. From comfy corners to watch the snow fall to heartwarming food & drinks, we share with you their cosiest London tips. If you like them, don't forget to record them on your own profile, who knows when the next snowpocalypse might hit us!

Saint Aymes, Connaught Village by @victoriametaxas

"This is the new coffee kid on the block. Expect a flower wall, picturesque coffee and divine hot chocolate - I absolutely loved it here!"

Postcard Teas Ltd, Mayfair by @FrancescoG

"Looking for a place to taste or buy good tea in London? Head to Postcard Teas off Bond Street. It's one of the best tea shops in the world and sells many rare teas - whatever tea you decide to buy, you won't regret it!"

Farm Girl Cafe, Chelsea by @momorigaud

"Enjoy a nice coffee break with a warm cup of something that tastes delicious and looks beautiful at this gem that just opened in Chelsea. The breakfast here is organic and healthy!"

The Pig and Butcher, Islington by @fazlandz

"This is a great pub for the most delicious Sunday roast. The desserts are heavenly, I couldn't recommend it more!"

The Chipping Forecast, Notting Hill by @CactusOne

"Great fish restaurant that directly sources their products from Cornwall. The atmosphere is simple and relaxed, make sure you try their IPA - it's delicious!"

The Anchor & Hope, Southwark by @TravellingYogi

"This is an amazing gastro pub/restaurant near Southwark, and also one of my favourite places for a lazy lunch. Their menu is classic, all the ingredients are locally sourced and the menu changes weekly! Try their experimental cocktails as an aperitif."

Royal Opera House, Covent Garden by @Céleste

"Music and magic... what more do you want when it's cold outside? It's a wonderful place, I couldn't recommend it more!"

Electric Cinema, Notting Hill by @annsobib

"This is definitely my favourite date night in London - and how I'd like to watch all my movies! Plush velvet seats and beautiful decor - something to experience for sure!"

Karaoke Box Mayfair, Mayfair by @Lolita

"Are you looking for something fun to do in London? Go to Karaoke Box in Mayfair, rent a room with friends and enjoy a crazy night with Madonna, Britney Spears, The Rolling Stones...!"

Want more inspiration for London? Follow our local super turtles' tips to discover all their hidden gems!


Happy Londoning!
-Your turtle team-