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Our 10 most spectacular hikes

Sent to your inbox on February 23,2018

Dearest adventurous Turtles,

If you've eaten too much because of our pasta paradise newsletter, or had one too many drinks because of our New York rooftops special last week, we might have the perfect solution for you... a hike!
Before you stop reading and think we are going all healthy on you, please check out the pictures below posted on the app by our incredible users... They are honestly out of this world (no bias here), and couldn't not represent better what we are all about: inspiring people to discover incredible destinations and experiences. Thank you for making the unknown a little more friendly!

1 - Mestia - Svaneti, Georgia by @Jana

"Svaneti is one of the furthest away regions in Georgia (from Tbilisi) but you get the most sensational views of the Caucasus. This photo was taken on a hike just above a town called Mestia (with tons of guest houses - no need to book in advance). Go up the mountain from the centre of town."

2 - Torre del Paine National Park - Patagonia, Chile by @Lydia

"Hike along any of the incredible trails in Torres del Paine to see glacial lakes, waterfalls, snow capped mountains, vicuña, rivers and generally dramatic landscapes."

3 - Chapelle Sant'Eliseu - Orto, France by @tatianadedalmas

"The steep 2hr hike is worth it just to get to this gorgeous little church in the mountains and ring the church bell. We also ran into many free roaming cows along the way 🐮 "

4 - Great Wall of China - Beijing, China by @GCS

"Great Wall of China - Beijing. Use the itinerary on Beijing Hikers website and climb up the Great Wall to the Jiankou section. It's a hard hike and climb for 3 hours but when you get to the top there are no crowds and only stunning views of one of the older sections of the wall."

5 - Mount Agung - Budakeling, Bali by @ludolacay

"6 hours hike by night to get there on time for the sunset... but what a moment.
Mount Agung is the highest peak of Bali, it is an active volcano with a huge crater and of course the perfect spot to watch the sunrise. Put on your boots and head lamps!"

6 - Roy's Peak - Wanaka, New Zealand by @Ltorch

"Roy's Peak is arguably New Zealand's most popular day hike. If you're up for an early start, reaching the summit in time for sunrise helps beat the crowds and offers incredible lighting in an already beautiful setting."

7 - Trou au Natron - Tibesti, Chad by @NickN

"Hike down to the crater at Trou au Natron, in Tibesti, Chad. It takes three hours down and a bit longer back. The sunset here is incredible, and the sunrise even more so. Remember to pack warm clothes, as it gets mighty chilly."

8 - Kila Nunnery - Kila Gompa, Bhutan @PauPau

"The hike from Chele La path to the Kila nunnery (3 to 4 hour) is superbe (5 stars) "

9 - Mount Fitz Roy - Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, Argentina by @FrancescoG

"Here I am on a hike in Fitz Roy National Park. The uphills are quite steep at times, and it does take about 3 hours to reach the top to see Mount Fitzroy, but the views are incredibly rewarding."

10 - Choquequirao Archeological Park - La Convencion Province, Peru by @Lea

"One of the most incredible and physical experiences of my life. The Choquequirao trek is 4 days of climbing and going down mountains to attain a stunning inca site, at least as large as Machu Picchu but simply so remote and inaccessible that you'll probably end up alone there. I cannot recommend it more ."

More incredible hiking tips await on the app!


Inspiringly yours,
Your Turtle team.