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Queridas Tortugas,

Every year for Easter, the Semana Santa processions attract hundreds of thousands of people to Seville, for they are amongst the most spectacular in the world. While at Live2Leave we usually shy away from the crowds, the mysterious Andalusian capital piqued our curiosity so we asked traveller extraordinaire Luna to share with us what makes a real Seville experience. From the intricate details of the Mudejar architecture to the deliciousness of the Andalusian cuisine, Luna unveils her city’s best-kept secrets to ensure we won’t only see “the superficial beauties of the city, but also their historical value".

@Luna, tell us about you!


"Although I was born in New-York, I grew up here in Seville where I moved back two years ago. I've studied in Madrid, Paris and New-York and I now run the hotel Las Casas de la Juderia with my sister Sol. My father is an architect and historian and has been teaching me about the architecture and techniques used in construction here throughout the centuries."

Where would you stay?


Hotel Las Casas de la Juderia
"In the heart of the Barrio de Santa Cruz, the old Jewish quarter of Seville, a unique hotel composed by 27 restored historical houses with winding corridors and labyrinthine!"

What would you visit?


1- La Casa de Pilatos
"La Casa de Pilatos is a privately owned home and a museum. The architecture is Mudejar style, unique to this area of the world, which is a mix of Islamic craftsmanship and Western architecture. It contains a vast sculpture collection and there is an important painting collection on upper floor houses."


2 - Royal Alcázar of Seville
"The #1 tourist attraction in Seville, the Alcazar or Royal Palace is worth the wait, visit and time. A unique ensemble of architectures in what is known as the oldest Royal Palace in the world (still in use as such). Buy your ticket online before going in order to skip the line!"


3 - Museo de Bellas Artes
"The local fine arts museum has an impressive collection of Spanish Renaissance and Baroque paintings and sculptures. It also features two gorgeous courtyards. This museum tends to be empty so don’t forget to stroll by because it’s worth the visit."

Where would you eat and go out?


1 - Jaylu
"Unquestionably the best restaurant in Seville. The seafood is phenomenal and also is the jamón! It is definitely worth the walk through the less pretty part of the city. Don’t expect the same friendly prices than in the rest of Seville but it's totally really worth it."


2 - Fargo
"A fantastic restaurant with many vegan, vegetarian and generally, healthy dishes. It has an extensive list of wines and very friendly staff. It’s quiet and family friendly."


3 - Bar Garlochi
"A very spooky and bizarre bar in the center of Seville. It’s great to start or end a night in but prepare to be a little freaked out."

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