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"I travel to leave my comfort zone and routine behind"


Name: Céline H. (@Céline)
Number of Countries on her profile: 29
Number of recommendations: 264
Follow her to: Indonesia, Ecuador, Burma and Switzerland
Particularities: Caught the travel bug in her twenties, now mother of two and travelling the world with her family!

Tell us a few things about you:
I am a mom of two who loves sports and is a “health fanatic” (as my husband puts it!). I grew up in Paris and lived in London for 15 years. I am now based in Zurich, Switzerland where my family and I are having an amazing time. But my real passion has always been travelling and seeing the world.

When did you catch the travel bug?
When I was 22. I had saved enough money to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia. I loved every moment of it, the people, the food, the culture, and especially the Halong Bay, Hoi An and Ankor Wat.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt about yourself while travelling?
I learnt that I truly do not need much to be happy. On the road, you quickly figure out what you can easily do without and what is essential for you. My most precious treasure is my family and the friends who love me and who truly care about me.

Complete this sentence: “I travel to …”
I travel to leave my comfort zone and routine behind, to discover different cultures and customs and to learn about nature and the wildlife.

What is your favorite place in the world and why?
The Mediterranean. Whether you are in France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia…, the Mediterranean climate, lifestyle, food, culture, history, and beauty makes it for me the perfect destination for the summer holidays and one of the nicest place to live on earth.

What destinations are currently on your bucket list?
Ethiopia, Chile and Easter Island, the Azores and the Ngorongoro Crater.

Tell us about your biggest travel fail?  
My biggest travel fail would have to be in Spain where we decided to go for a hike in the Cazorla National Park on Easter Sunday. We had bought at the last minute a guide in a gas station that turned out to be completely outdated and the path we decided to follow did not exist anymore. It was supposed to be a 3h walk but 5h later we were still in the middle of nowhere, walking on a tiny path in a gorge. Night came, we had no food, no water, no light and had to stop walking as we couldn’t see anything and were afraid of falling down the gorge. It started to rain and it was so cold. We called the Spanish rescue team and they were fantastic. They managed to find us, reach us and take us back to our hotel. The next day we went to Grenada to visit the Alhambra but had not pre-booked any tickets. The woman laughed at us saying that tickets were sold out months in advance!!!

And about your biggest travel WOW ?
My biggest travel WOW is when we flew in a small plane over the Angel Falls, the Auyan Tepuy and the National Park of Canaima in Venezuela. And flying over the Namib desert with the sunrise, the fog, the oryx and the shipwrecks comes very close to it...

You use Live2Leave to...?
I use Live2Leave to record all the places I have really enjoyed and to share them with my friends.
Also, we are going to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for the New Year and I have been inspired by a few restaurants on the app that I can't wait to try!

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