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Sent to your inbox on April 5, 2018

When we hear this magical word, we at Live2Leave imagine an old convertible car with Hotel California playing on the radio, driving at full speed at sunset to an unknown destination...
And because our users have covered ALL of the world's countries on the app, they are here to inspire our next drive. In this week’s newsletter our super turtles are taking us on four-wheel trips in Argentina, Bosnia and Laos, to name a few.
Fasten your seatbelt, pick your playlist and put your sunglasses on, you are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

8937_10152779637234365_8325176546356891200_nTrippin' in Cafayate, Argentina with our founder Turtle @Celeste

"Beautiful drive from Salta to Cafayate (if you're driving in one go from Tilcara, make sure you stop in Salta for lunch otherwise it's too long)."

Road-Trip-BosniaChasing hidden treasures in Arslanagica Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina with entrepreneur Turtle @Rachel

"Picture perfect views through Bosnia - definitely worth the road trip."

Road-trip-IrelandDriving the Sky Road in Galway, Ireland with French Turtle @albee

"Trip around Clifden, take the Sky Road it's beautiful!"

Road-trip-LaosExploring Laos in the Elephant Village Sanctuary, Laos with photographer Turtle @FrancescoG

"A pleasant half-day to day trip away from Luang Prabang is the beautiful Elephant Village, a sanctuary that rescues elephants from the brutalities of the logging industry. The trek lasts several hours and includes going through the nearby river - an amazing experience."

Road-trip-SpainTaking a cultural detour in Cáceres, Spain with Super Culture Turtle @Lolita

"If you are going on a road trip from Madrid to Lisbon or are 2.5 hours west of Madrid make sure you check out Trujillo (province of Cáceres). Not only is this a beautiful town with a very rich culture BUT is known today as Casterly Rock, the home of the Lannister family, in Game of Thrones;)"

road-trip-CaliforniaLiving the American dream in Santa Monica, USA with Super Turtle @annsobib

"This Californian road trip was actually one of the best holidays in my life. We ended the trip by staying a week in a flat in Santa Monica, which I really really liked. Central, with hundreds of yoga classes and vegan restaurants. Even a carnivore like me enjoyed this true LA vibe."

Road-Trip-SwedenTaking a breather in Archipelagos, Sweden with Nordic Turtle @Connor_Reddy

"Outside of Stockholm you can find some super peaceful spots."

roadtrip-france-okGetting lost in the countryside in Burgundy, France with wandering Turtle @Phd25011955

"Just a road trip in one of France's most beautiful region"

Road-Trip-MARGOTDrive to Deltebre in Tarragona, Spain with Turtle @francescabro

"Road trip into Arrozales Españoles 🐍🌱 #casaDeFlamingos"

Road-trip-MexicoCrossing the Tabernas Desert in Mexico with Super Turtle @Ma_Tiou

"Tabernas Desert resembles the American West in both climate and landscape. Clint Eastwood's "For a few dollars more" was shot in the region - a gorgeous road trip!"

Each week we handpick our favourite recommendations created on the app by our community (check out the #WanderlustWednesday and #FoodieFriday sections of our blog). When posting your favourite spots, simply use the hashtag #mytravelgems for a chance to be featured!

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Inspiringly yours,
Your Turtle team