/ Wanderlust Wednesday

When we go bathing with elephants...

Hello Turtles,

What incredible holiday plans have you been making so far?
If you are still hesitating, here's some (insanely cool) inspiration from our globetrotting super users... who you should definitely be following on the app!
We look forward to featuring your amazing recommendations on this blog and our newsletter. Because remember: Live2Leave is about YOU!

1 - Estancia VIK José Ignacio / Uruguay by @Toti
"Feeling nostalgic of my beloved Uruguay has me thinking of Estancia Vik ❤️ How stunning is this place only a few minutes from José Ignacio and Manantiales? Every room is different and has been decorated by famous local artists. Food is plentiful and amazing. And wait until you see the swimming pool!"

2 - Prestonfield House / Scotland by @MiraPlaquet
"Charming hotel just outside of Edinburgh. Beautiful grounds with lots of activities and a golf course.
Pet friendly."

3 - Trujillo / Cáceres, Spain by @Lolita©
"If you are going on a road trip from Madrid to Lisbon or are 2.5 hours west from Madrid make sure you check out Trujillo. Not only is this a beautiful town with a very rich culture BUT it is also known today as Casterly Rock, the home of the Lannister family, in Game of Thrones ;)"

4 - Bissagos Islands, Guinea-Bissau by @victordillard
"Fishing is a must do if heading to the Bijagós islands of Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼 🌴 Navigate between 88 islands to catch the biggest Barracuda you can!"

5 - Schloss Drachenburg, Germany by @Viktoria
"Castle Drachenburg - see some of the little medieval stands and actors who try to sell you their snake wine and mystical ointments 😝"

6 - Laax, Switzerland by @Arianna
"Laax-Falera-Flims one of the best ski areas ⛷ in Switzerland 🇨🇭... also for a nap 😴 under the sun with a breathtaking view 🤗"

7 - Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, Chiang Rai, Thailand by @NinaG
"Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort is the best place to bathe and cuddle with elephants.The most human approach towards Giants. Great sunrise view from all rooms 👌🏻"